People do consider the things in life that bring you a true sense of inner peace and tranquility. Take a moment to think about the things which rejuvenate your mind and allow your soul to expand.

Escape to a special place where the only limits are your imagination. Where legacies of memories are born and carried on for generations. Where nature embraces the mind, body, and soul and the healing powers of the mountains have never been so easy to obtainArticle-p1 1

Estates are on everybody’s lips, and thus are the latest trend in real estate. Why such a fuss? 
Estates cater for the preferences of different individuals and anyone with the financial resources would be able to find an estate that would cater for their needs. The biggest advantage of estates would certainly be the safety aspect. Safety in our day and age is so important for everyone to make sure their home is a safe haven to the family. Hand in hand with safety goes freedom to walk, ride, fish, play golf, and enjoy nature, more space and peace.

Coastal Estates is ideal for those who love the ocean. These are generally a mixed bag of holiday-makers and permanent residents. Lifestyle Estates or luxury apartments cater for to have all the luxuries very close by, and have the lock up and go aspect. Larger Families, animal lovers or people with young children will not necesarily appreciate penthouse living. Wine Estates would cater for those who love the wine country and the never ending vineyards. Senior Estates on the other hand cater for those who are moving into their golden years. Facilities for their needs such as a clinic, doctors, pharmacy are in close proximity. Golf Estates are very popular for especially golfers and their families. And then for the nature lover there are Nature Estates. Golf and Nature estates share obvious advantages such as large spaces and the secure suburbArticle-p1 2 aspect.  Namibia is the ideal country for Nature Estates and  a variety is  available in our beautiful country.

Nature Estates
Nature Estates had its origin in Golf Estates, but where developers had larger pieces of land available, and where the novelty of Golf Estates began to ware off.  The fact that governments in Southern Africa also started to put pressure on developers because of the large amount of water that Golf Estates are using, also ensured that the move from Golf to Nature Estates were made.  Another huge factor was the big awareness again of Nature and all things natural that went along with that.
Nature Estates are Estates that are mostly fenced off well, with good security features like Golf Estates, but with two main differences: A)  Size of the plots  B) Game roaming between homes, in other words a game camp on the property.  They are also called Eco Estates for obvious reasons or Country Estates especially overseas.

Nature/Eco Estates are gaining in popularity across Southern Africa because of a few main points:Article-p1 3

One of the Nature Estates currently under development in Namibia is Herboth’s Blick.

Herboths Blick is situated 23km east of Windhoek on the way to the airport.

At Herboths Blick Executive Estate living is at the order of the day, where the largest plots of it's kind in Namibia are available (5 hectares per plot).  Another feature that is exclusive to  Herboth's Blick in Namibia, is a clubhouse where recreational facilities like a sparkling swimming pool, a squash court, a tennis court, a small gymnasium and a lounge as well as a deck overlooking the wonderful, surroundings is offered.  Tarred roads will ensure that even the smartest of cars will be able to reach the homes, as well as the very necessary security fence and 24-hour manned gatehouse for optimum secure living.  All services like power and water is offered at each plot, as well as the very necessary drain system that will be supplied. 

About 2 km from Herboth's Blick an Equestrian Centre is in the planning, with stables to rent for residents who want to keep their horses close by.  Horse riding classes will be offered, as well as group-rides for young and old every day, for those who want to stay fit, or just want to walk through the bush on horseback with the family. 

Herboth's Blick became a reality after the owners realised the immense need of families to be able to escape the dread of daily living in the city.  They realised that people are not at all bothered by the mere 23km to drive to town each day from Herboth's Blick, as the lifestyle to gain is a dream come true!  The views are spectacular, as 3 mountain ranges are in sight of Herboth's Blick plots, and residents are truly living inside a game camp, as game will be roaming freely between the homes.  A number of watering holes have been established, where residents can walk to during the day, or if you're lucky, watch the animals drink from your veranda.

The space abound is the biggest luxury, with 50 000 m2 where you can build your house on.  You will truly feel like you have a piece of farmland of your own, where your children can explore nature, watch birds, or where you can even grow your own organic vegetables and herbs in your garden.

The design of the homes at Herboth's Blick is typically what you would find on farms in Southern Africa, with wide “stoep” ,corrugated iron roofs so that you'll be able to hear the rain fall, and lots of glass to be able to appreciate the wonderful views.  Each resident can use the architect of his own choice, but have to adhere to  Architectural guidelines for the finishes of each home.  Strict house rules are applied, as privacy and security are the highest priority.  This will ensure an atmosphere where families will feel safe, and where the environment is enabling people to switch off after work, and to relax in the enjoyment of the surroundings.

Herboth's Blick offer 65 plots of approximately 5 hectares each, on a 350 hectare Estate.  This provides the residents with space abound to choose a site for the building of their home, under the supervision of our project manager.  Together it will be ensured that homes will lie conveniently far apart from each other!

More than 60% of the plots have been sold in little over a year, which proves the immense need for Exclusive living! All the remaining plots are available at prices ranging from N$685.000 to N$ 1,2 million each, which is by far the best price per m2 that you will pay in any Nature Estate in the country!

Each prospective buyer will experience the personal treatment that only a family based team can give you, and a few hours drive through the Estate will provide you with all the information you will need to make this very exciting move in your life.
Make the call — Own your life!!!